Cover of "The Hidden Messages in Water"

Cover of The Hidden Messages in Water

A Japanese experiment conducted by Dr. Masaru Emoto in an elementary school demonstrated the power of words. Two jars of cooked rice were both labeled separately one with label “Thank you” and the other “You fool”. Everyday the kids will go up to these jars and speak the words. After thirty days the jar with the words “thank you” remained unchanged and had sweet aroma but the jar with the words “you fool” became moldy, rotten and smelly. Others who duplicated the experiment got the same result with others using labels like “I love you” and the other ” I hate you”.

Another experiment of Dr. Emoto was the water crystal. In his amazing book The Hidden Messages in Water, he showed the pictures of the result of his experiment. Emoto put water in different glasses, labeled them individually with a word( negative, positive), a picture, or a music (rock music, orchestra, etc.). He then froze them at certain temperature and later looked them under the microscopic photograph. He showed waters exposed to positive words gave beautiful crystal forms while the others exposed to negative words had ugly forms. You can check his works at youtube and the internet.

If the rice in that jar died because of words spoken to it in just thirty days, how much more the people around us we speak of continuously of “deadly words” year after year. We all know the power of words in our lives. We experienced words that built us up and words that tear us down. Families, relationships, nations were built and destroyed by words. Instead of telling someone “You’re no good. You won’t amount to anything”, build them up by saying “I believe in you. You will have a better future.” The best gift anyone can give to anybody, especially parents to their children and spouses, are constant outpouring of life giving words spoken to people around you.

The Bible says “Life and death is IN the power of tongue”. Jesus said in John 7 “..It is the Spirit that gives life…The WORDS I told you are SPIRIT and they give LIFE.” The Bible talked of the world created into existence by WORD. Words spoken to us do have power and they shape us no matter we want to or not.

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