Bahasa Indonesia: Ini adalah ilustrasi abstrak...

Bahasa Indonesia: Ini adalah ilustrasi abstrak menggambarkan individu dengan gangguan identitas disosiatif. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We hear a lot about children who suffered from severe horrific physical or sexual abuse eventually developed Multiple Personality Disorder(MPD). Their coping mechanism was to diasocciate themselves from the event happening by creating an alter, another personality, and have their trauma distributed to these personalities instead of carrying it alone which they cannot take and block that trauma from the weaker personality. Throughout their life their personalities will continue to multiply depending on their need to cope with life’s trauma at that time.

But the amazing part about these people are the unexplained biological changes that happen to their bodies. Every personality has its own different name, age, gender, talent, allergies, diseases, handwriting, race, IQ, voice, foreign language/accent, memories and physical defects. They all recognize each other and see each other as individual separate from the rest. They will have personalities they consider as the good ones and bad ones, a little girl/boy, the angry one, etc.

MPD may have a personality that needs glasses but when the other personality with 20/20 vision takes over, that glasses has to go. One may have diabetes and only that personality will experience diabetes and not the rest. Same with allergy, moles, scars, tumors, and even eye color. Every personality can have a scar or mole and will completely disappear once other personalities that don’t have them will take over. These personalities will “switch” with each other sometimes with the other’s consent or sometimes without. Whoever appears will have different voice, appearance, physical marks, personality, etc..

So how could all these strange things happen under one body is still unknown. Dr. Frank Putnam, researcher of National Institute of Health psychiatrist, found out also that each personality has different brain wave, blood flow, heart rate, posture, etc. A 2008 book entitled Switching Time by Dr. Richard Baer documented a rare case of a his patient in 1989 who had 17 personalities. He was able to completely integrate them into one and if not for his records and other documents it would have been hard to prove that his patient used to have MPD with 17 personalities.

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