Joshua 10:13, ” So the sun stood still in the midst of heaven, and didn’t hasten to go down for one whole day”.

So Joshua claimed the sun stood still for one whole day until they defeated their enemies. It’s written event like this in the Bible that makes Christians uncomfortable or pretend it’s not there. But what if ancient civilizations mentioned the same event, recorded in their own ancient writings. The following are ancient proofs of Joshua’s long day witnessed by the rest of the ancient world:

1. Chinese Emperor Yao : He reigned same time as Joshua and declared during his time that the sun stood still for so long above the horizon they were afraid the world will be set on fire.

2. Babylonians recorded an account of a day twice the normal length.

3. Seneca, Roman writer, wrote about the sun reversing its course and blotting out the night.

4.Herodotus, Greek historian, was shown by Egyptian priests an ancient manuscript that told a story about a day that was twice as long as the normal.

5. Egyptian heiroglyphics translated by Fernand Combette read, ” The sun, thrown into confusion, remained low on the horizon and by not rising, had spread terror among the great doctors.”

In the western part of the world, instead of a long day, ancient civilizations recorded account of a long night.

1.  Quiche Mayas of Guatemala: “… they remained standing and great was the anxiety in their hearts and stomachs as they wait for the coming of the dawn and the day.”

2. Aztecs of Mexico recorded that both the sun and the moon stood still after sunrise.

3. American Indian tribe Omahas mentioned, ” the sun being caught in the rabbits top and was released before dawn”

SOURCE:  Youtube;  TITLE: Evidence the sun stood still for a day – by Bible Museum from Immanuel Velikovsky‘s book World Collision.

Copyright 2013 katenews2day


    • I agree..wish more Christians will talk about secular evidence backing up the Bible because that’s the only way to keep the other side quiet. Thanks for reblogging 🙂

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