Barack Obama

Barack Obama (Photo credit: jamesomalley)

The History channel hit series “The Bible” is causing another stir. Glenn Beck is the first one to take notice and twitted the resemblance between the actor Mohamen Mehdi Ouazzani who played the role of the devil and Obama – or we should say an older version of Obama. Obama supporters are not happy with the comparison. It would be interesting to ask the actor about the comparison and to ask Obama about this. Except for the fact that the actor is being compared to Obama while Obama is being compared to the devil.

Earlier this year, Obama was compared to the ancient Semitic deity Beelzebub or “The lord of the flies“, also known as Satan, because of numerous unexplained events  of flies swarming around the president.  On November 5, 2008 the night he was elected, the Illinois Pick 3 lottery number for the Evening Pick was 666, the number of the beast in the Book of Revelation. Obama is going to Israel this week and he should be thankful the third temple is not built yet or else he would be facing a bigger controversy.

Copyright 2013 Ketchie V. Schauf


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