Rev. Jeremiah Wright at the White House, 1998

Rev. Jeremiah Wright at the White House, 1998 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jeri Wright, the 47-year-old daughter of Obama’s former pastor Jeremiah Wright, was indicted on Wednesday with charges of money laundering and lying to federal authorities. She was tied to a $1.25 million state grant scheme involving the non-profit job training program for minorities called We Are Our Brother’s Keeper owned by Regina Evans, a former suburban police chief of Country Club Hills, and her husband  Ronald Evans Jr.

Federal prosecutors say Jeri Wright cashed $28,000 grant checks from the bank account of the non-profit program then deposited $20,000 cash back to the Evans personal bank account. Evans are accused of siphoning money from the non-profit grant to pay friends, relatives and the mortgage of New Regal Theater on South Side Chicago that they claim they are trying to restore to become cultural hub again for the minority neighborhood.

Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s former pastor for twenty years, is the only pastor Obama had when he moved and lived in Chicago where he started his political career. Wright is known for his controversial anti-American rants and for his black liberation theology – the political but not-Biblical anti-white social justice  socialist based theology promoted by very far left black churches. Wright married Michelle and Barack Obama and known to be one of Obama’s mentor before he ran for president. Jerome Corsi in October 2, 2012 wrote an article at www.wnd.com  about Jeremiah Wright as  allegedly responsible for running a gay matchmaking service called the “Down Low Club” in his own church where Obama was claimed to be part of. Kevin DuJan of  www.hillbuzz.org has written many articles in relation to Obama’s alleged gay rumor.

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  1. “black liberation theology – the political but not-Biblical anti-white social justice socialist based theology promoted by very far left black churches”. This is utter and absymal ignorance…read Isaiah 42:7, 61:1 or Luke 42:7. Black liberation theology is not anti-white or non-Biblical. It is looking at Biblical passages as the mentioned from a Black point of view, and it appears that thinking outside a Eurocentric point of view is “blasphemy” in your eyes. I’m sure you understand “point of view”..what color is Jesus on your wall?

    • The Bible teaches love and compassion but it never teaches people to envy the rich or to blame other races for one’s plight. The Jewish people themselves overcome anti-Semitism for thousands of years not by blaming others or by being envious of the rich or those in power but by emphasizing education and being productive members of society. The Chinese in Asia left China when Mao turned it into communist and became the richest people in Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia.The deliberate oppression against them turned them into merchants and bankers. Read the story of Mayer Rothschild how he built a financial empire while living in a ghetto. It does not do anybody any good if the only way to empower them is to make them angry and make them feel the world owe them something.

      Isaiah 42:2 is not about social justice. It’s about Jesus bringing the message of freedom from the bondage of sin. Jesus message of liberation is the freedom that can be found in Him and not from what the world offers. Jesus died for our sin and not for pursuit of “wealth equality” through political social justice.

      • You are right…Isaiah 42:2 is not about social justice, but 42:7 ( as I mentioned) is. Love without justice is hollow….if I love you, I will fight to make sure you can have the best possible life on earth. That means challenging oppression. The Hebrews were under oppression according to the Bible.. Egyptian, Babylonian, Persian, Greek and Roman. To remove the facts from the story means you change the story. To think that Jesus mission was about freedom from the bondage of sin without addressing the sin negates most of the New Testament…the sin of oppression, the sin of discrimination against lepers, Samaritans, even prostitutes. Liberation Theology is not about anti-anyone, it is about affirming how God made us in his own image to be sisters and brothers. It exists to affirm the reality of the world…Jesus was a Palestinian Jew…that makes him a Black African. Does it make a difference what color Jesus was? Obviously it does…as I referred to earlier…what is the color of Jesus on your wall?

      • Jesus is an Israeli Jew. There was no such thing as Palestine. As far as color, Middle Eastern can border from white to brown. The Bible, especially Proverbs, endorses wisdom and common sense approach in life especially when it comes to better life through hard work and bot by being lazy. The Bible does not endorse life of dependency but one of self-governing. God wants us to bring out the best of us with whatever God given talent and dream He gave us, We partner with God, He will make it happen. But to wait for government and society to make it happen for you is false.

  2. 1) Of course there was a Palestine. The Greeks and Romans spoke of the same areas in Canaan, part of Syria and Jerusalem as Palaestina. You can have your own opinion, but not your own facts.I think the problem is the association/proximity with Africa. Why do people have a problem with identifying Jesus as an African? I think it’s because it will make them rethink their own racism and prejudices. They may have to rethink their trying to use the Bible to justify slavery, oppression and supremacy. It may cause them to rethink their understanding of God….it’s called theology.
    2) Color always matters…again, what is the color of Jesus on your wall?
    3) I notice how you still talk as if there was no oppression.
    4) Yes, the Bible speaks of self-governing, but that is within the context of community! We live in community and will always be dependent on each other. That is an African ethic, which apparently you do not agree with, but that is okay. Again, you can have your own opinion, but not your own facts. There are over 3000 passages in the Bible that refer to the poor and justice. God wants us to help each other, especially the downtrodden. Jesus called them “the least of these”.

    • 1. If you read the Bible, from Old Testament to New Testament, the Palestine/Canaan as far as God is concerned has always been the land of Israel meant for His chosen people the Jews, the seed of Abraham, a man from the land of Ur in Mesopotamia (Iraq ). After the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 A.D. that resulted to the diaspora of the Jews, for 2,000 years Jews prayed from all over the world for their return to Israel. Your theology is not Biblical based.
      2. The Bible never gave a reference of Jews being from Africa, especially with Jesus. I don’t know where you get your sources but you are definitely wrong insisting Jesus is from Africa. As far as I know, Israel has always been in the Middle East and the journey of the ancient Jews all the way back to the O.T. started in the Mid. East and never Africa. You should read the book of ancient Jewish writer/historian The Book of Josephus to help you with your basic information about Jewish people.
      3.As far as oppression ,throughout mankind’s 6,000 years of documented recorded history every race, every nation had their share of being oppressed by others or by their own people. But why are you stuck with your own? You have to remember, 600,000 Americans died in the Civil War, government since Pres. Johnson created such a generous welfare system that instead of making people want to work, it made people get cozy with poverty.
      4. Self means you, an individual, a person. Self is not community. Self-governing is NOT community. You govern yourself, you can’t self-govern a community but you can contribute to the community by being the best and productive member of that community. When a community has more dependents than independents, that’s a dysfunctional system. The Bible has passages refer to the poor and justice but the Bible is full also of passages about God’s promise to bless and to prosper people. The Jews latched on to God’s promise to bless and prosper that’s why despite of the thousands of years of oppression and diaspora, you find them prosperous despite of their condition. The poor will always be there as the Bible says but God wants the best and poverty is not God’s best. You believe your poor condition was created by others for you and your “self-community” has no part in it and helpless to change it. Learn from the Jews and Asians esp. the Singaporeans, oppression and poverty that they had did not stop them from aiming for the best and becoming the best. You are obsessed with poverty but not in how to get out of it.

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