Woolwich, London -Two young black Muslims in their 20s carrying a revolver, knives and meat cleavers killed and tried to behead an off-duty British soldier in broad daylight right in front of on-lookers on a busy Woolwich street in London 200 yards from Woolwich Barracks.

The incident happened at 2:20 p.m. when a blue Vauxhall Tigra with blacked out windows rams into soldier, crushing him against a road sign. After they rammed into the soldier wearing the Help for Heroes t-shirt, they dragged the soldier’s body to a wall and hacked him while shouting “Allahu Akbar.

 One witness said the attackers behaved like “crazed animals” attacking the young soldier “like a piece of meat”, “hacking the poor guy, literally” chopping and cutting the dead soldier. The two men with bloodied hands also heard saying ” We swear by almighty allah we will never stop fighting you!”

The Muslim fanatics did not leave the scene for 20 minutes because they were waiting to “shoot the police” when they come. The two black Muslims also asked the people who saw the butchering to take pictures of them. When the police arrived, they went after the officers using their weapons. When the attackers shouted that no man is allowed to get near the soldier’s hacked dead body, a brave mother of two Cub Scout leader named Ingrid Loyau-Kennett went to the attackers to try to check the pulse of the victim. She also talked to them wherein one said “We want to start a war in London tonight!”. Other women also tried to shield the soldier’s body from the attackers. The victim was wearing a Help for Heroes t-shirt when he was killed.

One of the attackers also told the people around the scene “You people will never be safe. Remove your government. They don’t care about you.”   One of them also said to bring the troops back so “you can all live in peace.” The attackers were also seen preaching angrily the previous week in a Woolwich town center. The police later shot the two men with one female officer firing six shots seriously injuring them. They are currently being treated at a hospital for their injuries. MI5 and the police is treating the attack as an act of terror. The attackers are now being treated in a hospital.

Since in Britain there’s a very strict gun law and very few guns with the police on the streets don’t even carry guns, the two Muslim fanatics were able to butcher the soldier with no action from police for 20 minutes while the unarmed bystanders just watched the horrific scene unfolding knowing they have no guns to stop it. If this happened in America, within a few houses someone would have had a gun, that gun would have saved that soldier’s life. I’m proud to be an American with a Second Amendment rights given by the Constitution that the liberals in America, just like what happened in England, is trying to take away. Don’t allow Obama to disarm America.

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