Comedienne Mara Shapshay who once appeared on Friends and South Park is suing diet guru Jenny Craig after claiming their dirt products caused miscarriage for her and surgical removal of 1,000 gallstones. She claimed she experienced health problems after she started using Jenny Craig’s products in 2012. Shashay alleges that the company is fully aware of gall bladder disease as one of their products side effects but chose not to disclose it with health warnings. 

According to TMZ, the actress had to undergo several surgeries and suffered with fatigue, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting after those surgeries. She also added that the Jenny Craig diet may have caused her miscarriage. She is suing the company for unspecified damages.

In 1994, Jenny Craig Inc. paid $10 million payout to a class action lawsuit by its 360,000 clients in Orange County, California after it alleged that their products could cause gall bladder problem. The Jenny Craig weight loss program, currently owned by Nestle company, recommends 80 meal choices and snacks, dietary portions and exercise. Jenny Craig was bought by Nestle in 2006 for $600 million.

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