Gunther VI: The Richest Dog in the World!

Alberto Deb / June 21, 2013
The proverbial saying “A dog is a man’s best friend” has been very aptly applied to “Gunther VI the Alsatian”. Gunther VI is an Alsatian who is considered to be one of the most pampered pets in the world.

According to media reports recently Gunther VI has become the richest dog in the world with a whopping net worth of $ 373 million. It seems that he has inherited all of this astronomical fortune from his father Gunther III’s wealthy owner, German countess and multi-millionaire Karlotta Liebenstein.

Reportedly the lady was a well-known animal lover and was deeply attached to her pets. In a major departure from conventional norms, the aristocrat decided to bequeath all her fortune to her favorite pet, a German Shepherds named Gunther III in the event of her demise. Hence when Liebenstein died in 1991 all of her property and fortune was automatically transferred to her beloved pet.


However the untimely death of Gunther III meant that his son Gunther VI inherited all of this impressive fortune. Wise and calculative investments made by Karlotta and her aides have ensured that the value of the multi-million dollar property has almost tripled in the last few years. The dog owns several homes including Madonna’s former Miami mansion. He also has a villa in the Bahamas complete with butler.

The Alsatian is a very high maintenance dog due to his luxurious lifestyle. According to reports Gunther VI is not fond of the usual canine food usually consumed by dogs. Hence his everyday menu consists of much sought after luxury items like steak and caviar. To top it all, Gunther also owns a grand and magnificent mansion in Miami which once belonged to pop diva Madonna along with an equally stunning villa situated in the Bahamas. A personal maid and butler cater to the needs of the Richie Rich canine. Gunther VI also has access to a chauffeur driven limousine and spends much of his time relaxing by the side of a customized swimming pool present at his home.
The Alsatian once successfully bid for a very rare white truffle in the year 2001. The canine managed to snap it up for $1,800 via a bid placed by his caretaker, Maurizio Dial. Gunther VI’s luxurious days are set to continue well into the future since the enormous wealth he has inherited is increasing at a constant rate


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      • Of the dogs I owned over the years, one was a Gigantic European Doberman, he was solid liver red color. He understood only German and was a trained attack dog. He was a comical character and was like a baby to my wife. I got him as a rescue about one hour before he was scheduled to be destroyed. Lived out his life with my family. A very brave dog. Defended our family on several occasions. It got to the point where I did not have to give commands, he knew my body language.
        Schern Hund = Good Dog.

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