Luxembourg: The Wealthiest Country in the World 2013

Ray Arnab / June 23, 2013
A landlocked country sharing its borders with Belgium, Germany and France, Luxembourg is one of wealthiest countries in the world. It also is one of the only country with grand duchy, as the country has a representative democracy with a constitutional monarch. The country is also a member of EU, NATO, OECD and The UN. It is also a member of the UN Security Council on a temporary seat till December 31, 2014.  Although Luxembourg is one of the smallest European countries, it is one of the richest countries in the world, with an average GDP per capita of more than 110,000 USD.


The city of Luxembourg was founded in 963 AD. It had an important strategic position in Western Europe, and was heavily fortified consequently. Raised up to a Duchy, it had territories in the neighbouring countries also. The country had been a heavy sufferer in both the world wars, and lost some of its regions to the neighbouring countries. Gaining complete independence in 1867 from the Netherlands, Luxembourg rose from a poor nation to become the richest based on modern economy and high-tech industries.


The weather can be best described as modified continental. Summer temperatures can soar to above 30 degree Celsius in July-August, whereas it can dip down to -15 degree Celsius in January-February.

Getting there:

Luxembourg FIndel International airport is the country’s main serving international airport. The airport is located 6kms outside the main city. Most nearby cities and other major cities of Europe is well connected with Luxembourg. Most of the international carriers have flights to Luxembourg. The city can also be reached by train from Paris, Trier, Metz and Brussels. It can also be reached by car or buses also, as this landlocked country is also linked well by the roads.

Getting around:

Luxembourg is a small and landlocked country. It is also well connected. The airport has its share of buses and taxis plying to the main city.

The country is also extremely well connected by trains and roads.  The country also a comprehensive bus services that can serve efficiently and effectively for locals and tourists alike. You can also hire a bike or use your car or hired car for touring the place.

Though there are no border controls among some countries, there are certain regulations for some visiting nationals and make sure you have all the necessary documents and required permission for touring the country.


Though Luxembourg is a very small country, it has a rich history and also some natural beauty for the eyes to enjoy. Many parts of the town is listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and there are some breathtaking natural views across the country.

Some of the most interesting places are the Gothic Revival Cathedral of Notre Dame, Grand Ducal Palace and the town fortifications. The Bock casemates, Neumunster Abbey, and place d’Armes are also some of the must see places. You can also walk around the cobbled streets of the City of Luxembourg and feel the history of the nation.

You can also visit “Little Switserland” or Mullerthal and numerous other quaint and picturesque and discover nature at its bountiful best. Explore and discover fairy-tale castles, quiet lakes with birds and swans or just deep forests with lively wildlife. Luxembourg provides you all the opportunities to discover the country the way you love it, it is actually discovering yourself.


Hotels in Luxembourg are pretty expensive. There are many hotels that offer the best services. Youth hostels are there too, but in case you are looking for a budget tour, it is wise to commute from Trier as it is cheaper there. You can also choose the country side to stay close to nature.

Nightlife and Others:

Nightlife in Luxembourg is catching up. There are some happening disc and other nightlife joints also. There are a number of international and local food joints that serves some great tasting food. Traditional dishes are also excellent. The unofficial national dish is judd mat gaardebounen, or smoked pork neck served with boiled broad beans is a must have, and also Gromperekichelchen which is a kind of potato biscuits.

Do not forget to drink Luxembourg white wines from the Moselle Valley.


Luxembourg is one of the safest countries on the world. Food and water is first class, and the health system is one of the best in the world.

Though there are three official languages, Luxembourgish is preferred by the locals. Treat them with a smile and a gentle hello, and respect their individuality. People are nice and very warm and friendly.


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