The 15 New York Restaurants That Wall Streeters Love The Most

Linette Lopez BusinessInsider
Everyone has to eat, even if they’re working insane hours. Wall Streeter’s (on top of having to eat) must also entertain clients. So they need to know something about decent food in NYC.

Here at Business Insider, we like to keep tabs on where people are actually taking their expense accounts, or business associates, or girlfriends — whatever.

So we asked our sources to give us a long list of restaurants that Wall Streeters go to, then we turned that list into a poll where readers rated each venue “Not Wall Street,” “Sorta Wall Street,” or “Totally Wall Street.”

Scientific, you see.

Surprise, surprise, there are a ton of steakhouses on this list — but they aren’t the only spots. Sushi and New American food make a showing, and most surprisingly, the winning restaurant isn’t somewhere were you HAVE to make it rain to fill your stomach (you can if you want, though).

Minetta Tavern

Readers that rated it “Totally Wall Street”: 23.7%

Location: 113 MacDougal Street, The West Village

Why Wall Streeters love it: Minetta isn’t just an awesome burger (no seriously, try it), it’s also a scene. It’s been a scene since it opened, the kind of place where you might see hungry models grazing on salad at 2 A.M. if you manage to squeeze in a seat at the bar.

Gramercy Tavern

Gramercy Tavern

Julie Zeveloff/Business Insider

Readers that rated it “Totally Wall Street”: 30.6%

Location: 42 East 20th Street, Gramercy

Why Wall Streeters love it: Two words: Danny Meyer. The man owns The Modern, Maialino, Blue Smoke, Shake Shack and a bunch of other recognizable restaurants in town. Gramercy is in the family, and the family is great.

11 Madison Park

Readers that rated it “Totally Wall Street”: 30.7%

Location: 11 Madison Ave, Gramercy

Why Wall Streeters love it: Remember Danny Meyer? This WAS his Modern American restaurant until he sold it to chef Daniel Humm and General Manager Will Guidara. It’s well known around town for being a great spot to do business.

The Capital Grille

Readers that rated it “Totally Wall Street”: 44.4%

Location: 120 Broadway, Financial District; 155 East 42nd Street, Midtown East; 120 West 51st Street, Midtown West

Why Wall Streeters love it: Location, Location, Location… It’s steps away from the New York Stock Exchange and the banks that are still down by Wall Street are just a hop skip and jump from Capital Grille. The rest can hit up the restaurant’s two Midtown locations. Then there’s the menu, steaks, chops, big seafood platters… banker fair. It’s all topped off by a big wine list and rooms for private dining.

Old Homestead Steakhouse

Readers that rated it “Totally Wall Street”: 46.1%

Location: 56 9th Ave, The Meatpacking District

Why Wall Streeters love it: Old Homestead isn’t just an awesome steakhouse with great history and a lot of soul, the Sherry brothers (who’ve owned operated the place for years), were the main actors in bringing Wagyu (also known as Kobe) beef to America. Old Homestead also has the most expensive cut of meat in the city — need we say more?

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse

Readers that rated it “Totally Wall Street”: 47.2%

Location: 4 Park Ave, Murray Hill; 409 Greenwich Street, Tribeca; 200 East 54th Street, Midtown East; 250 West 41st Street, Midtown West

Why Wall Streeters love it: This restaurant isn’t owned by Wolfgang Puck, it’s owned by Wolfgang Zwiener, who learned everything he knows about steak at Peter Luger (you’ll see that restaurant later on this list). If you don’t want to trek out to Luger’s Brooklyn location, you can maybe feel mollified if you go to Wolfgang’s.

PJ Clarke’s

PJ Clarke's


Readers that rated it “Totally Wall Street”: 48.4%

Location: 44 W 63rd St, Manhattan, Upper West Side; 915 3rd Ave, Midtown East

Why Wall Streeters love it: When bros grow up, they go to classic NYC spot PJ Clarke’s. Plus, they have a members-only club called Sidecar at it’s 3rd Avenue location (perfect spot for banks and hedge funds), and we can’t think of anything Wall Streeters love more than something that’s members-only.

Sparks Steakhouse

Sparks Steakhouse

Wikimedia Commons

Readers that rated it “Totally Wall Street”: 52.8%

Location: 210 East 46th Street, Midtown East

Why Wall Streeters love it: Sparks has been a spot to plan power moves since the late 1970s, when it moved uptown from its 18th Street location. In 1985, two Gambino crime family crime bosses were gunned down outside the restaurant. No, it’s not some kind of mob hub, but if you remember anything from Goodfellas, it’s that those guys knew their steak.


Readers that rated it “Totally Wall Street”: 53.7%

Location: 40 West 57th Street, Midtown West; 105 Hudson Street, Tribeca

Why Wall Streeters love it: Bankers got into sushi when the entire world thought the Japanese were going to own America in the 1980s. The craze has calmed since, but some bankers still love it. One of the few non-steak choices on this list, Nobu is a celebrity chef driven, world-wide Japanese brand associated with high quality and frankly… showmanship. The presentation is awesome. Also, for bankers, the Midtown and Downtown locations are key.


Readers that rated it “Totally Wall Street”: 58.9%

Location: 56 Beaver St, Financial District

Why Wall Streeters love it: Delmonico’s is one of the oldest restaurants on this list. The original opened in 1827. It’s credited with the “Delmonico steak” (obviously) and being the first (if not one of the first) American restaurants to let patrons order a la carte. That’s not something people just forget about.

Harry’s Cafe and Steak

Readers that rated it “Totally Wall Street”: 59.2%

Location: 1 Hanover Square

Why Wall Streeters love it: At night there are attractive waitresses/bartenders. Saturday brunch is an epic all-you-can-drink mimosa fest where the eggs Benedict is made with pork chops (not that sissy Canadian bacon). Plus, Harry (yes, the owner) has a slick back.

Smith and Wollensky’s

Readers that rated it “Totally Wall Street”: 53.7%

Location: 797 3rd Ave, Midtown East

Why Wall Streeters love it: Smith and Wollensky’s has that ‘everyone knows your name’ feel to it. Classic steakhouse yadda yadda, but most importantly it’s owned by Fourth Wall restaurant group, and they get Wall Streeters — think: Wine Week, bottle specials, and gift cards.

Bobby Van’s Steakhouse

Bobby Van's Steakhouse

Readers that rated it “Totally Wall Street”: 54.5%

Location: 25 Broad Street, Financial District; 131 East 54th Street, Midtown East; 230 Park Avenue, Midtown East

Why Wall Streeters love it:  Yes, we know. Another steakhouse… but the readers picked these. Don’t shoot the messenger. We hear Wall Streeters love Bobby Van’s because it’s low key and high quality. The service, also, is impeccable.

Peter Luger

Readers that rated it “Totally Wall Street”: 65.4%

Location: 178 Broadway, Brooklyn

Why Wall Streeters love it:  Family owned and operated for decades, Peter Luger is the ultimate New York Steakhouse. They haven’t’ changed the menu significantly in ages, unless you count adding a Caesar Salad or putting thick cuts of bacon on the menu because a bunch of patrons (Wall Streeters, if you must know) asked for them. People will trek out of Manhattan for this cash-only spot for its simplicity. It’s just the best cuts of meat with sides everyone knows done right. No pretension — that’s for the other side of the bridge.

Del Frisco’s

Del Frisco's

Robert Libetti/ Business Insider

Readers that rated it “Totally Wall Street”: 67.1%

Location: 1221 6th Ave, Midtown

Why Wall Streeters love it:  Three words — Service… driven… party. If you’ve worked on The Street then you’ll probably see someone you know at Del Frisco’s (specifically, the Midtown location). If you have a problem, the General Manager (a former bond trader, no less) will solve it — no question. There are known power tables, private rooms, cocktails that taste like candy (so the wife/girlfriend/mom will be super happy there), and the entire place is packed from Happy Hour to the end of dinner hour.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/wall-street-15-favorite-nyc-restaurants-2013-5?op=1#ixzz2Xhj0I1xE


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