Limited Edition Balloon Venus for Dom Perignon Rose Champagne for $20000

Britney Scott / July 9, 2013 BornRich

Jeff Koons, a Pop Artist, has collaborated with the leading brand Dom Perignon Champagne to create a special limited edition vessel for the Dom Perignon Rose Vintage 2003 and give it a new meaning altogether.  The vessel is actually a copy of the chromium stainless steel 8-foot tall sculpture that he had created – “Venus of Willendorf” which resembled a balloon sculpture that was dedicated to the 25 thousand year old fertility totem and also one of the most primitive work of art that depicted the human shape.


For the limited edition vessel, Jeff Koons has created a polyurethane resin version which stands at two feet in height of his popular “Balloon Venus” which actually resembles an opulent doll that nestles the bottle of Dom Perignon champagne within its bulbous belly.  There are only a few hundred limited edition packages comprising of both the champagne and the sculpture that would be up for sale for $20,000 on request.  This package could be the perfect treat for champagne connoisseurs who also enjoy collecting art pieces.

Going back o the “Balloon Venus” which is a voluptuous feminine form that contains a bottle of the finest quality of champagnes- the Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage 2003- it would not be inappropriate to state that the each element complements and accentuates the other.  In fact, getting a world-class bottle of Dom Perignon and an exquisite sculpture in one single deal is perhaps a steal for $20,000, according to the 58-year old Jeff Koons!

Koons states that he does not associate very frequently with products and brand with Dom Perignon, it was different as this exquisite champagne is used for celebrating life and so is art- therefore there was an inherent connection.  Dom Perignon has collaborated with other artists on various occasions which includes celebrities like David Lynch and Andy Warhol.  The Don Perignon Vintage Rose 2003 is full-bodied and sensuous just like the refashioned Balloon Venus sculpture and would be signed by Koons – which perhaps makes it a ‘must-have’ for those who like to celebrate luxuriously!


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