Wilmott: The Most Expensive Magazine Subscription in the World

Ivan Andrews / July 10, 2013 BornRich

Ever wondered on how much you would want to pay for a magazine subscription. If you are considering spending 10 to 20 dollars for subscription to magazines as Cosmo and Maxim, this news will surprise you.


If you are a quantitative analyst and wish to keep upbeat about the happenings in the professional world, you can end up paying around $700 and that too for a bimonthly subscription. This is the amount being charged for the bimonthly subscription of Wilmott which is considered to be the most expensive magazine in the world.

Wilmott magazine which is published out of United Kingdom lives up to its cost given the fact that it offers information on the most recent researches along with in depth analysis on financial happenings around the globe. One has to be a master of his or her field to understand the basic of financial world that form part of various articles published in this magazine.

Much attention has been paid to the designing aspect of Wilmott magazine. Each of its issue is an eleven inch square shaped document. This gives the impression that one is holding a special version of the textbook shaped magazine. All the queries have been addressed too in an appropriate manner and are available in the extended margin of the Wilmott magazine.

If you are an individual subscriber of the magazine, you will need to pay $325 for the annual subscription. Institutions however do not fall in the same bracket as they need to pay $700 for a bimonthly subscription.

For subscribers who are loyal to the magazine and continue to have the membership for years, inclusion in the Wilmott Book Club is an incentive that cannot be resisted. On virtue of being a member of the Wilmott Book Club one is eligible to receive discounts on other popular books and qualitative finance matters that get published during the course of the time


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