Beyond George Zimmerman: where’s the outrage about black-on-black crime?

The real tragedy in the African-American community is our own violent neighborhoods, yet hardly anyone talks about that, Thursday 11 July 2013

 As the George Zimmerman murder trial heads towards its conclusion this week, race has taken center stage. Since last year when Zimmerman allegedly killed Trayvon Martin in self-defense, the mainstream media joined by so called black activists injected a racially charged narrative into the case. You know “racist” white man profiles and kills black kid.

Sadly, this trial wouldn’t be receiving wall-to-wall national media coverage if Zimmerman was black. That’s what we should be talking about.

Startling statistics reveal that between 1980-2008, African-Americans were six times more likely than whites to be victims of gun violence and seven times more likely to kill with guns than whites, according to the Justice Department. African-Americans represent a mere 13% of the US population yet more than 50% of federal prisoners are black. You can claim racial bias in the judicial system, but that doesn’t explain all of it.

Why aren’t so-called black leaders outraged and marching over the recent shooting rampage in Chicago. During the 4 July holiday weekend, including the Wednesday leading up to it, 62 people were wounded by gun violence in Chicago and 12 others killed. The holiday shooting spree raised Chicago’s homicide tally to 200 for the year. Last year about 500 people were killed, and most of those killing and being killed in Chicago are black. According to the Chicago Tribune, “blacks make up about 33% of the city’s population, they accounted for nearly 78% of the homicide victims through the first six months of 2012”.

With the mainstream media’s national attention on the Zimmerman murder trail, I think it’s stunning that scant, if any, attention was given to the violence raging in Chicago or other cities across the country. As I’ve said many times during this case, Americans, especially black Americans, have come to accept blacks killing other blacks as normal.

When a white person is accused of killing a black person, African-Americans seem to care more and cry racism, allowing race baiting voices like Al Sharpton, whose a reverend as much as I’m a Democrat (hint: I’m not), to organize marches and rallies. The same is now true when a non-white like Zimmerman is accused of killing a black 17-year-old like Trayvon Martin. Last year blacks even got the news media to basically convict Zimmerman as a racist murderer in the court of public opinion before the trial even began.

Even President Barack Obama got in on the act, stoking the racist flames before any facts were revealed, “If I had a son he’d look like Trayvon“. Yet Obama has been a lot less vocal on the killings in Chicago, the city from which he hales and served as both an Illinois state senator and US senator.

The tragedy is that blacks who are shouting about racism aren’t offering real solutions, especially to the violence issue in African-American neighborhoods. Interestingly, Senator Mark Kirk (an Illinois Republican) has a plan to end gun violence in Chicago. Since 15-year old Hadiya Pendleton was murdered in January in Chicago after performing at Obama’s 2013 inaugural, Kirk has been pushing the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and federal prosecutors to crack down on gang violence related to drugs, which police believe is driving the gun violence.

Kirk, a Republican, wants the FBI to prosecute these gang related crimes at higher rate given that about 18,000 people belonging to the Gangster Disciple gang, one of the most notorious gangs in Chicago (and beyond). Gangster Disciple stretches into 28 states and amasses more then $100m a year by selling drugs. And that’s what we know about.

In a meeting with Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy in June, the police superintendent told Kirk more than 100,000 gang members live in Chicago. As Kirk tried to tackle gang violence in his home state of Illinois, Representative Bobby Rush, a black Democrat representing the 1st district of Illinois for 20 years, which includes Chicago, railed against Kirk’s plan as “upper middle class, elitist, white boy solution”. Well, “the white boy” conservative is coming up with solutions while blacks like Rush and Ali stoop to calling conservatives of all colors heinous names when they highlight or offer solutions to the ills disproportionately harming black Americans. I have also been accused of being an “oreo” for merely stating the fact that more blacks are killing and being killed than any other race.

Today the main people holding blacks back as a race and taking them back to the days of Jim Crow are blacks themselves. Self appointed black leaders, advocacy groups like the NAACP and black members of Congress cry racist at every turn. Beyond this battle cry, they have no solutions to offer blacks a way towards greater economic prosperity and less violent lives.

Picture of Crystal WrightCrystal Wright

Crystal Wright is the principal owner of the Baker Wright Group, LLC and blogs at Conservative Black Chick. You can follow her on Twitter @GOPBlackChick



  1. What do you say to whites who shoot up schools and commit other terrorist acts that kill innocent people, yet, it’s all because of their frustration and not their nature? Yes. Black on Black crime occurs in this country, but when you say that Blacks are responsible for the condition of their communities and holding themselves back; the black chick in me wants to literally say, ‘BITCH, PLEASE! and then slap the taste out of your mouth, while the lady in me says, be cool.

    I wonder if you’d feel so quick to point the finger at the black community in the the same manner if your son was killed like Trayvon Martin.

    • I too want to say BITCH, PLEASE! and then slap the taste out of your mouth, but remain cool. You really feel that black people have no responsibility over the condition of their communities and it is someone else’s fault?

      I hate that Al Sharpton only shows up when there is an easy battle he can get on his soap box about. He is having a rally in Baltimore in light of the Zimmerman trial. Really??? All the crime here in Baltimore on a day to day basis and now everyone is outraged. They even played a recording of a woman saying “I’m just so tired!” Really?? You are tired because of the Zimmerman verdict. Yeah ok. Meanwhile the Baltimore City Paper has a murder map and page where you can go an look at articles all homicides in the city There should be outrage and rallies over this!

      • Al Sharpton is a clown and nothing more than a race hustler–on that we agree. Personally, I can’t stand him. But honestly, to not hold whites responsible for the poverty, crime and injustices that Blacks have faced in this country is simply outrageous.

        Yes. Black people have to be accountable–and a good majority of them are. However, look at the facts of life. How did things get so bad? What happened to our culture? What shifted? Does mental illness play a factor in many issues in the African American community?

        You’re entitled to your opinion, but you don’t know WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW. Get this video, then get back to me on this. Link:

        And I have to ask: How do you contribute to the Black community? Do you volunteer? Are you a mentor? Have you helped a needy family? Who have you sent to college? Etc.

        The invitation is extended to participate on my blog.

  2. Krystle, I am so ashamed that you have brown skin! You are a disgrace to the African American race! You have been brain washed by the White people so much that you are a zebra like Mrs Allie says! You want to be so White but that race don’t want you! You are still a n. in their site! I bet you can’t go to the high functions that the rich attend! You down grade the African American race! You and your comments on Dr Drew is sicking!

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