Fake arrest ends in marriage proposal

Ben Vienneau of Saint John, Canada proposed to his girlfriend, Marcia Belyea, in a very unorthodox way, which he hopes will win the couple their dream wedding. Vienneau worked with his police officer brother-in-law to arrange a mock arrest of his girlfriend as a set up for his marriage proposal and video entry to a radio contest awarding the wackiest proposal with a wedding by the sea. Vienneau called the mission a, “10-29…a marriage proposal in progress.”
The prank began when Marcia was pulled over and asked for her license and registration. The couple nervously discuss that her current driver’s license and registration were in another car, and she gave the officer expired documents. The patrolling officer returned to Belyea’s truck and told her that she owed $2000 in fines and faced 30 days in jail. The original plan was to pop the question while Belyea was in her truck, but the officer went off the script and ushered the fiancé-to-be to the back seat of the police cruiser. Marcia was in tears.
Ben said, “I didn’t expect it to happen that way. I was just as surprised as she was. He came over to me, he goes, ‘Oh, no. I took it too far.'” Ben returned with the officer who explained to Marcia, “Ben and I have come to an agreement where we’ve agreed to waive the fine and let you go if you take his hand in marriage.” Marcia was stunned and said, “Yes.” The couple’s engagement video is gaining popularity. They hope that will equate to more votes in the Country 94 contest and help them win the dream-wedding prize worth $20,000. The couple say they will still get married next July whether or not they win the grand prize wedding by the sea in St. Andrews.

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