11 Depressing Stats About Detroit

Sam Ro Jul. 18, 2013 Business Insider

Earlier today, Detroit filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy, the largest municipal bankruptcy in history.

 Municipal bond experts Peter Hayes and James Schwartz of Blackrock published a brief analytical note earlier this month titled “Distress In Detroit.” In it they offered some stats that would make anyone cringe.

Here are eleven of them:

  1. Detroit’s population has plunged 63% since 1950.
  2. …and it’s down 26% since 2000.
  3. The unemployment rate hit a high of 27.8% in July 2009.
  4. As of April 2013, the unemployment rate was at 16%.
  5. Even though the population fell 63% since 1950, the municipal workforce fell by just 40%, adding to the strain on public finances.
  6. Detroit has the highest violent crime rate of any large U.S. city
  7. …it’s five times higher than the national average.
  8. 40% of the city’s street lights don’t work.
  9. 78,000 structures and 66,000 lots are abandoned.
  10. Arson accounts for 1,000 of 12,0000 fires per year.
  11. …60% of those arson fires are in dilapidated or empty buildings.

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  1. I was born and mostly raised in Detroit. I left in the 1970s as a young man in my late teens joining the US military. I knew after a time I’d never go back. Mayor Coleman Young told the criminals “to hit 8 mile road”.

    All the white people left. Or many did. Family members who still live there are jealous of me and my life, and say mean things to me like “You think you’re better than us” because I don’t live there any more.

    I’m no better than anyone else… but perhaps I was smarter. I don’t live there now, I can retire and enjoy what’s left of MY life without being concerned that my “union pension” won’t be there.

    Detroit died because of Unions and Democrats.

  2. Reblogged this on Reality Check and commented:

    A full tilt bankruptcy.

    City’s unemployment rate higher than national average.

    58 Minutes for cops to respond to crime calls.

    Murder rate off the scales (again).

    Population has dropped from nearly 2 million to 700k.

    5th largest city is now 18th in America.

    All those Unions and city workers pensions… pretty much fooked.

    The US is doomed to this same condition if people don’t stop the anti-business climate.

    Cities in California and New York, and any other cities with a strong Union presence are doomed to follow suit in the next decade.

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