Wing walking Wonder Woman: Female world record holder braves the high skies just weeks after fellow stuntwoman died in fireball crash

Where no-one has gone before: Ashley has the world record for wing walking, knocking her competition out of the park with an impressive four hours and and two minutes on top of an airplane

By Sara Malm DailyMail  PUBLISHED: 8 July 2013 |

A female dare devil shows the true meaning of being a Wonder Woman as she performs thousands of feet above ground just weeks after another wing walker died in a crash.

Ashley Battles, holds the world record for remaining on the wings of a plane for a staggering four hours and two minutes. Continue reading


Joshua 10:13, ” So the sun stood still in the midst of heaven, and didn’t hasten to go down for one whole day”.

So Joshua claimed the sun stood still for one whole day until they defeated their enemies. It’s written event like this in the Bible that makes Christians uncomfortable or pretend it’s not there. But what if ancient civilizations mentioned the same event, recorded in their own ancient writings. The following are ancient proofs of Joshua’s long day witnessed by the rest of the ancient world:

1. Chinese Emperor Yao : He reigned same time as Joshua and declared during his time that the sun stood still for so long above the horizon they were afraid the world will be set on fire.

2. Babylonians recorded an account of a day twice the normal length.

3. Seneca, Roman writer, wrote about the sun reversing its course and blotting out the night.

4.Herodotus, Greek historian, was shown by Egyptian priests an ancient manuscript that told a story about a day that was twice as long as the normal.

5. Egyptian heiroglyphics translated by Fernand Combette read, ” The sun, thrown into confusion, remained low on the horizon and by not rising, had spread terror among the great doctors.”

In the western part of the world, instead of a long day, ancient civilizations recorded account of a long night.

1.  Quiche Mayas of Guatemala: “… they remained standing and great was the anxiety in their hearts and stomachs as they wait for the coming of the dawn and the day.”

2. Aztecs of Mexico recorded that both the sun and the moon stood still after sunrise.

3. American Indian tribe Omahas mentioned, ” the sun being caught in the rabbits top and was released before dawn”

SOURCE:  Youtube;  TITLE: Evidence the sun stood still for a day – by Bible Museum from Immanuel Velikovsky‘s book World Collision.

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An 11-year-old girl, Ireland Lane, from Oregon was in a hospital recovering from head injury when suddenly, while sitting in her hospital bed, she bursts into flames and suffered a third degree burn. Luckily her father was sitting next to her and able to call for help. This phenomenon is called Spontaneous Human Combustion.

Spontaneous Human Combustion is an unexplained phenomenon wherein suddenly a human body would burst into flames for no reason and if not intervened, burns itself into ashes. The strange part is that while the body is on fire, it doesn’t spread to the clothes the person is wearing nor to the bed or chair the person is sleeping or sitting down. The whole body would be charred but the surroundings won’t catch fire at all. At least 200 incidents have been recorded since the 17th century and mostly from France and Britain.

In 1964, a 75-year-old former actress Olga Stephens suddenly burst into flames while sitting in her car and in front of other people. In the late 1950s, a woman dancing with her boyfriend in a London disco club suddenly went into flames. People claimed the fire looked like it come from inside her body. She died on her way to the hospital. In 1939, soon after an 11-month-old baby was put to bed, a family visitor heard a scream coming from the baby’s room. When he ran to the nursery, the room was ablaze. The baby died but the strange thing was, after the firemen put out the fire they discovered the furnitures not burnt nor could find any possible source of fire. There were two other cases of infant victims in 1974 and 1975 both in England.

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John and Ann Betar of Connecticut got married 80 years ago on November 25, 1932 and today considered as the longest married couple in the US. The longest married couple in the world as of 2013 is from England. Karam and Kartari Chand got married on January 6, 1925 and ben married for 88 years now. But the longest marriage in history lasted 91 years.

Daniel Frederick and Susan Bakeman of New York got married on August 29, 1772 four years before the American Independence when America was still a British colony. In 1863, ninety one years later after their marriage,  the first Republican party president Abraham Lincoln passed the Emancipation Proclamation, proclaiming freedom to all slaves.

Daniel and Susan Bakeman got married while America was fighting for the birth of a free nation and their marriage ended ninety one years later with America involved in another battle of its own- the Republican party of Licoln fighting the Democrat party to bring freedom and to end slavery. Their marriage witnessed almost a century of history of this country. They witnessed the birth of America as a nation and they left watching America being divided and devastated by the Civil War of 1863.

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Bahasa Indonesia: Ini adalah ilustrasi abstrak...

Bahasa Indonesia: Ini adalah ilustrasi abstrak menggambarkan individu dengan gangguan identitas disosiatif. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We hear a lot about children who suffered from severe horrific physical or sexual abuse eventually developed Multiple Personality Disorder(MPD). Their coping mechanism was to diasocciate themselves from the event happening by creating an alter, another personality, and have their trauma distributed to these personalities instead of carrying it alone which they cannot take and block that trauma from the weaker personality. Throughout their life their personalities will continue to multiply depending on their need to cope with life’s trauma at that time.

But the amazing part about these people are the unexplained biological changes that happen to their bodies. Every personality has its own different name, age, gender, talent, allergies, diseases, handwriting, race, IQ, voice, foreign language/accent, memories and physical defects. They all recognize each other and see each other as individual separate from the rest. They will have personalities they consider as the good ones and bad ones, a little girl/boy, the angry one, etc.

MPD may have a personality that needs glasses but when the other personality with 20/20 vision takes over, that glasses has to go. One may have diabetes and only that personality will experience diabetes and not the rest. Same with allergy, moles, scars, tumors, and even eye color. Every personality can have a scar or mole and will completely disappear once other personalities that don’t have them will take over. These personalities will “switch” with each other sometimes with the other’s consent or sometimes without. Whoever appears will have different voice, appearance, physical marks, personality, etc..

So how could all these strange things happen under one body is still unknown. Dr. Frank Putnam, researcher of National Institute of Health psychiatrist, found out also that each personality has different brain wave, blood flow, heart rate, posture, etc. A 2008 book entitled Switching Time by Dr. Richard Baer documented a rare case of a his patient in 1989 who had 17 personalities. He was able to completely integrate them into one and if not for his records and other documents it would have been hard to prove that his patient used to have MPD with 17 personalities.

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English: Animated illustration of a wave that ...

English: Animated illustration of a wave that slows down as it travels, builds up to a place of maximum response, and then decays when the wavelength is very short, similar to what models show as waves in the cochlea. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many people believe our eyes have a “camera” that can see to the outside world. That’s not true. We see colors because of wave and frequency. Every color we see is a product of light from the sun that enters our eyes. Then their specific wavelength number and frequency number are interpreted by the brain to tell us what color that combined wavelength and frequency is equivalent to. Example the color red, when a light enters the eyes and the brain received an information that the light has 420 THz frequency and a wavelength of 700 nm, then our brain will give us the picture of color red.

Our human eyes can only see within the range of 380-780 wavelength and 400-790 frequency. BELOW ( radio wave, infrared used in microwave) and ABOVE (UV, X-Ray, Gamma) the range of these waves and frequencies become invisible to our naked eye. Multiple waveleghts give us colors of pink, purple or magenta. In our visible spectrum, red has the lowest frequency but longest wavelength while violet has the highest frequency(668-790THz) and shortest wavelength(380-400nm). Whenever you see green, you’re seeing a light with frequency of 526-606 THz and a wavelength of 440-495nm. Animals like birds and bees can see below the human range as they can see within the infrared spectrum. Next time you want to think of color, think of its wavelength and frequency combined as the reason why you see it that way. You can memorize them for fun and for bragging.

The sun is the only source of all light and its light is an electromagnetic wave that travels through space at a speed of light of 300 MILLION METERS PER SECOND or 669.6 MILLION MILES PER HOUR. Every electromagnetic wave has its unique frequency and wavelength and like the color red for example it has a frequency of 428,570 BILLION CYCLES PER SECOND giving your eyes 400 TRILLION WAVES PER SECOND to receive. That’s why in the dark we cannot see any color because there is no wave and frequency that enters our brain to be interpreted into color but the minute we see even a little spark, our eyes will interpret that light because it has wave and frequency. Our body is a bunch of wave and requency and how we see, how we hear, how we feel all depends on the wave and frequency our brain received and interpreted.

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English: Polygraph.

English: Polygraph. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They call it the Backster Effect. In 1966, Cleve Backster, former CIA and director of Keeler Polygraph Institutte in Chicago, the only one classroom school teaching polygraph at that time, after intensive private research about polygraph charts ( the one still used today) for eighteen years finally discovered a phenomenal breakthrough by accident.

In his research laboratory at 7 A.M., he decided to attach the polygraph to a plant his secretary just bought just to see what will happen. He was astonished to see the plants showing a live moving graph pattern in the chart showing electrical activity. During investigation, when a person is lying thereby anxious due to the interrogation, under polygraph the electrical activity in their body increases and the line in the chart will show by rapidly going up.

Backster then decided to try to threaten the plant to see its reaction. Dipping its leaves in hot coffee did not give any reaction. Then he thought of getting a match and burning the plant’s electroded leaf. As this visual thought occured to him, the plant that’s fifteen feet away from him suddenly showed the polygraph pen getting more excited and moving up to the top of the chart fast. The graphic chart only showed it going down when Backster decided to put away the matches.

Backster also connected his polygraph on chicken eggs after he found out an electroded plant would “scream” whenever he cracked the eggs for breakfast. He discovered the electroded eggs would “scream” whenever its neighbor egg was taken and dropped in a boiling water. The plant had a “screaming” reaction also when one time a lawnmower man walked into his lab. On November 3, 1969 at Yale University Linguistic School, in front of students Backster demonstrated this again by using a spider this time to get reaction and they did. He demonstrated this also on popular tv shows back then like Johnny Carson.

This is not good for vegans but one amazing thing he discovered though, for some reason if you “pray” over your food there’s no distressed reaction from the plants but more like submission and willing acceptance of its role that it has to die to serve its purpose for the rest of humanity. Backster Effect is being discredited by other scientists but just because you cannot explain it logically doesn’t mean you have to reject it completely. Science should pursue truth instead of engaging in scientific snobbery.

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