An 11-year-old girl, Ireland Lane, from Oregon was in a hospital recovering from head injury when suddenly, while sitting in her hospital bed, she bursts into flames and suffered a third degree burn. Luckily her father was sitting next to her and able to call for help. This phenomenon is called Spontaneous Human Combustion.

Spontaneous Human Combustion is an unexplained phenomenon wherein suddenly a human body would burst into flames for no reason and if not intervened, burns itself into ashes. The strange part is that while the body is on fire, it doesn’t spread to the clothes the person is wearing nor to the bed or chair the person is sleeping or sitting down. The whole body would be charred but the surroundings won’t catch fire at all. At least 200 incidents have been recorded since the 17th century and mostly from France and Britain.

In 1964, a 75-year-old former actress Olga Stephens suddenly burst into flames while sitting in her car and in front of other people. In the late 1950s, a woman dancing with her boyfriend in a London disco club suddenly went into flames. People claimed the fire looked like it come from inside her body. She died on her way to the hospital. In 1939, soon after an 11-month-old baby was put to bed, a family visitor heard a scream coming from the baby’s room. When he ran to the nursery, the room was ablaze. The baby died but the strange thing was, after the firemen put out the fire they discovered the furnitures not burnt nor could find any possible source of fire. There were two other cases of infant victims in 1974 and 1975 both in England.

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