Gotcha! Oklahoma City Thunder forward Nick Collison photobombed a trio of yioung kids as they posed, half buried in a Hawaii beach

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This is picture of Lindsay Mills, the ballet dancer girlfriend who Edward Snowden left behindKeeping a secret: Snowden says he never told his girlfriend about his life-altering plans, saying he left weeks ago saying only that he had to travel for business

EXCLUSIVE: The beautiful ballerina girlfriend whistleblower Ed Snowden was set to wed before he left her in Hawaii and fled to Hong Kong to leak NSA secrets. Now she says she feels ‘adrift’

  • Lindsay Mills, 28, is reportedly the girlfriend Edward Snowden left behind when he leaked information about PRISM surveillance
  • She wrote on a blog about romantic heartbreak after Snowden fled to Hong Kong
  • ‘My world has opened and closed all at once. Leaving me lost at sea without a compass’ she wrote
  • Couple previously went to Hong Kong for romantic getaway
  • Mills is a ballerina who attended the Maryland Institute College of Art
  • She performs with the Waikiki Acrobatic Troupe

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Adam Barrington, 29,  and his wife Heather, 27, from North Carolina are in Hawaii planning to give birth to their baby under water in the company of dolphins. The couple believe it will bring “peace, comfort and strength” to the mother and baby. They are going to The Sirius Institute in Hawaii known for its state advocacy on “dolphinizing the planet.” But experts disagree saying dolphins can be unpredictable and dangerous, especially in the wild.

Christie Wilcox of Discover calls the dolphin-assisted birth as “the worst natural birthing ideas anyone has ever had.” Wilcox cites research wherein dolphins “toss, beat, kill small porpoises or baby sharks” just for the fun of it. She also pointed out YouTube videos of dolphins roughhousing with humans. The dolphin-assisted therapy according to a marine biologist is not a legitimate therapy or effective in helping mood improve but for a short while. The pregnant mother has said she may not give birth in the water but may spend time with the dolphins before and after the baby’s birth. The couple has been married for  four years and work odd jobs to support their travel all over the country.  They still have no plan where they will live after their baby is born.


Air Force One

Air Force One (Photo credit: gregde)

In 2011 Mark Knoller of BCS released a report about Obama’s Air Force One use during 2010. He revealed that Obama flew AFO 172 times in one year,that’s flying EVERY OTHER DAY, more than what his predecessors Bush and Clinton did during their eight years in the office. If you are a serious news junkie like me, one thing you will notice about Obama is his constant flying despite of the great recession and our $16 trillion in debt.

He’s hardly in the White House and as they’ve reported Obama is a no-show president in the oval office unless there’s something major that needs a photo op that needs the oval office as a background. He had lots of resignations during his first term for the same reason pointed out, that there’s nobody in the White House to lead and he’s an absentee president because he’s gone almost everyday flying off somewhere. But one thing he enjoys the most is flying AFO to late night comedy shows and goof off about his celebrity status with his celebrity friends. No presidents in the past would fly Air Force One just to appear on comedy shows but Obama sure set a record on that.

Air Force One costs $181,757 PER HOUR PER FLIGHT, repeat $181,757 PER HOUR PER FLIGHT, and not including the entourage of Marine One( presidential helicopter), the Secret Service, the logistics, the police and of course the use of entire hotel floors for their luxurious accomodation you can say the flying president sure knows how to fly for free. And when he travels overseas, they usually bring another Air Force One, more Marine One, and more entourage that sometimes reached to 500 staff like his visit in London years ago.

Just in 2010, Obama also gave 491 speeches and I think it’s to remind the American people everyday why they elected him in the first place, and that’s because of his “gift in speaking” as he told Harry Reid. But instead of following up and tracking his 2011 and 2012 flying record, Obama’s media buddy got the memo not to do that “mischief” again and as expected, the Obama media are obedient to him as usual.

Obama’s trillion dollar deficits and flying in four years cost the average family of four $60,000. You could have owned a foreclosed house in Las Vegas on that tag price, rent it out and collect $1,000/month in rent.( Take his deficits and flying costs for 4 years and divide by the population total and then multiply by 4 in the family. A CPA made this calculation.)

The number of times Obama flew in 2010 alone is almost the total number of flying his predecessors did in their eight years in the office. Clinton flew 233 total while Bush flew 215 total. It’s going to be interesting to find out the total number of Obama’s AFO flying when he’s done with his second term. If he flew 172 times in 2010 alone and we don’t have record of his 2009, 2011 and 2012, my guess his number of flying in the eight years he’s in the office will total to at AT LEAST 1,200 times. I’m not a gambler but I will bet on that.

Obama is sure a high maintenance celebrity president but that’s irrelevant as far as his supporters are concerned. He is a far left dream-come-true and he is a historic achievement and that’s what matters. He can goof off while the country suffers and he’s entitled to that because he is Barack Obama and that’s the bottom line.

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