English: Polygraph.

English: Polygraph. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They call it the Backster Effect. In 1966, Cleve Backster, former CIA and director of Keeler Polygraph Institutte in Chicago, the only one classroom school teaching polygraph at that time, after intensive private research about polygraph charts ( the one still used today) for eighteen years finally discovered a phenomenal breakthrough by accident.

In his research laboratory at 7 A.M., he decided to attach the polygraph to a plant his secretary just bought just to see what will happen. He was astonished to see the plants showing a live moving graph pattern in the chart showing electrical activity. During investigation, when a person is lying thereby anxious due to the interrogation, under polygraph the electrical activity in their body increases and the line in the chart will show by rapidly going up.

Backster then decided to try to threaten the plant to see its reaction. Dipping its leaves in hot coffee did not give any reaction. Then he thought of getting a match and burning the plant’s electroded leaf. As this visual thought occured to him, the plant that’s fifteen feet away from him suddenly showed the polygraph pen getting more excited and moving up to the top of the chart fast. The graphic chart only showed it going down when Backster decided to put away the matches.

Backster also connected his polygraph on chicken eggs after he found out an electroded plant would “scream” whenever he cracked the eggs for breakfast. He discovered the electroded eggs would “scream” whenever its neighbor egg was taken and dropped in a boiling water. The plant had a “screaming” reaction also when one time a lawnmower man walked into his lab. On November 3, 1969 at Yale University Linguistic School, in front of students Backster demonstrated this again by using a spider this time to get reaction and they did. He demonstrated this also on popular tv shows back then like Johnny Carson.

This is not good for vegans but one amazing thing he discovered though, for some reason if you “pray” over your food there’s no distressed reaction from the plants but more like submission and willing acceptance of its role that it has to die to serve its purpose for the rest of humanity. Backster Effect is being discredited by other scientists but just because you cannot explain it logically doesn’t mean you have to reject it completely. Science should pursue truth instead of engaging in scientific snobbery.

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