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English: Actress Dakota Fanning at Twilight Sa...

English: Actress Dakota Fanning at Twilight Saga: Eclipse Premiere at Nokia Plaza in Los Angeles, CA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The almost 19-year-old star Dakota Fanning revealed on last month’s interview with Glamour magazine why she’s not dating at all and that’s because of her parents love story.

Dakota said, “She has this weird vision of relationships because my parents have known each other since second grade and got married right out of college. I’ve always thought that’s how it’s supposed to be like, and if it’s not, then I don’t want to waste my time…I was like, “I’m not gonna marry this person, so what’s the point?” It’s not me being naive. I just know how it’s supposed to be like. And I think until I feel that , I don’t want to be bothered.”

They said when there’s no love inside a home, expect the children to try to find it outside. But when there’s love overflowing inside a home, children won’t seek or feel the need to find love outside by getting into early relationships. Dakota Fanning is unique because she demonstrates this confidence of being “whole”, a young woman not seeking or crying out for love of a man so she can be “happy” and fulfilled.

She knows exactly what she wants and she wants to experience the kind of true love her parents have. She won’t settle for trial-and-error-romances, a way of exposing a heart to many possible heartbreaks,  leaving scars, crushed self-esteem and bitterness eventually making anyone who goes through many broken hearts becoming a skeptic of love instead of believer of true love. Dakota Fanning is like Victoria Seaton, the character of Judith McNaught‘s romantic novel ” Once and Always“, wherein the character declared she wants to love only once but will be for always.

Dakota would love wholeheartedly and because her parents have a good loving marriage, she doesn’t need to look very far for guidance on what love is supposed to be and on how to keep that love becoming better and deeper as time goes by. Dakota Fanning is very lucky because she got her own parents love story as an example of one true love, something many kids in America cannot say today due to divorce and many mashed up broken families.

In the meantime, 23-year-old Taylor  Swift already had six high-profile relationships, averaging nine months per relationship and although she’s a rich, talented, gorgeous blonde, her many disastrous relationships won’t exempt her from experiencing the consequences of multiple broken hearts- scars in memory of every man who broke her heart, bitterness for all the failures, self-doubt and damaged self-esteem asking what’s wrong with her, becoming cynical and distrustful of men, and instead later on having fun with her relationship she would be tense and paranoid about its future, not able to relax for fear it’s going to fail again.

Dakota has many good things in her life but her parents are the best gift God has given her in this world. For parents, love each other because that’s the best gift you can give your children, more than any of the material things you can ever buy for them. If every kid in America is inspired by the love and the love stories of their parents, this country won’t be filled with broken kids growing up to become broken adults to become broken husband or broken wife and eventually as broken parents. We can’t fix the world by creating more broken people. But we can create a new generation of whole kids by making our love stories an inspiration for them to follow.

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